Chapter II of the Convention: Preventive Measures

Articles 5-14

This Chapter requires States to take an effective and coordinated approach to the prevention of corruption. The preventive measures must promote integrity, transparency and accountability, as well as the participation of society, reflect the rule of law and promote the proper management of public affairs and public property. Primary tools are addressing public awareness and strengthening the public intolerance to corruption as well as strengthening the integrity of the public administration.

UNODC supports the efforts of the States Parties to develop anti-corruption policies by providing technical assistance for the development or review of anti-corruption strategies and for the compliance with other provisions of Chapter II.

Text of the Convention
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Conference of the States Parties and its Working Groups

Special session of the General Assembly against corruption 2021

G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group

Training materials


Article 5(1-2) - Preventive anti-corruption policies and practices

Article 5(4) - Collaboration in promoting and developing anti-corruption policies and practices

Article 6 - Preventive anti-corruption body or bodies

Article 7(2-3) - Public sector: election to public office, funding of political parties

Article 7(4) - Conflict of Interest

Article 8(4) - Reporting by public officials

Article 8(5) - Declarations of relevant interests

Article 9(1) - Public procurement

Article 10(a) - Public reporting

Article 10(b) - Access to decision-making authorities

Article 11 - Measures relating to the judiciary and prosecution services

Article 12(1-2) - Private sector

Article 13(1) - Participation of society

Article 13(1)(c) - Participation of society: Education

Article 13(1)(b,d) - Participation of society: Access to information freedom to seek, receive, publish and disseminate information

Article 13(2) - Participation of society: Access to anti-corruption bodies

Article 14 - Measures to prevent money-laundering

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