Safeguarding sport from corruption and crime

Corruption and crime undermine the credibility of sport and sport institutions. These threats have been amplified by the drastic impact of COVID-19 pandemic on sport as an enabler of sustainable development and peace. Addressing the threat posed by corruption and crime to sport has been identified by the international community as a priority. Taken together these represent major and significant commitments by the international community to preventing and tackling corruption in sport while also contributing to an emerging global framework around enhancing the contribution of sport to development and peace.

Through its Programme on Safeguarding Sport from Corruption and Crime, UNODC aims to support, governments, sport organizations and related stakeholders to tackle the various manifestations of corruption and crime in sport, including illegal betting. Since 2017, the programme has delivered over 200 activities to over 7500 beneficiaries, including officials from law enforcement, anti-corruption and criminal justice authorities, as well as sport organizations and related stakeholders. These activities involve raising awareness, providing technical assistance and developing capacities and tools.