TRACK: Tackling corruption in international investment

First Regional Workshop

18-20 May 2022 (hybrid), Samarkand, Uzbekistan

UNODC, in cooperation with the General Prosecutor’s Office and Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan, organized the first regional workshop focusing on the priorities of the network members from the countries of Central Asia and the South Caucasus on 18-20 May 2022 in an ancient trade route hub along the historical Silk Road – Samarkand city. Participants discussed practical questions in relation to tackling corruption in international investment projects. Thematically, the workshop was divided into two parts dedicated to prevention and law enforcement issues.

Over 60 participants coming from 13 countries – members of the Network with relevant experience – participated in and contributed to the discussions on existing and prospective approaches, implemented and planned to prevent and combat corruption in large-scale international investment projects. Delegations of participating countries presented their country's experience in this field, including the system of accountability measures, inter-agency cooperation, and public monitoring in implementing public investment projects. Based on the discussions, participants agreed to adopt a number of recommendations.

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